Statement on Watercolor Pans/Sets, 'Aintings, & Strappings/Poles series

The various paintings and installations that utilize the watercolor set components (the replacement pans, tray holders, and cases), are all used material from elementary school classrooms. I am interested in the fact that these items were once used within a context outside of the usual high-art arena and retain the remnants of art-making activities that I was not involved in. The replacement pans are especially evocative of all the tropes of painting including color, the monochrome, and the oval frame. I treat these materials as modular elements in various minimalist configurations or part of more complex mixed media arrangements.


Akin to these are the various works using the used paintcan labels and paint rollers. These also retain remnants of painterly activities that are outside of a high-art context and display painterly surfaces and color that I had no part in creating. I find it interesting to re-purpose these into uncanny works that reference painting as art (the drip, the textured mark, etc).