Statement on Recent Paintings

The process of making these paintings involves the following: 

  1. stapling to one side of a small canvas a textured fabric (burlap, monk's cloth etc.) 
  2. using various sharp tools to cut into and break up some of the weave of the fabric
  3. applying paint to the canvas and covering wet paint with the textured fabric (staple the 3 other sides)
  4. this makes a "paint sandwich" 
  5. while the paint is still wet, push the paint through the fabric
  6. let dry
  7. apply paint to surface for however long it takes to arrive at something decent
  8. name the painting based on the the first letters of the first three colors from the top left corner using the first words that come to mind, for example, if the colors are yellow, maroon, and black then the title could be "Yazidi Mayonnaise  Bollocks"