Statement on Hooks vs CHKs series

This series began in 2010 as a routine relaxation/ decompressing drawing activity where I would repeat the same two marks, the check mark and the hook, in linear drawings using colored pens onto old notebook and ledger paper that I had collected over many years. Each drawing is developed quickly and intuitively with random color choices but using a system of composition that regularizes how each mark stems from another.  As these drawings began to accumulate, it seemed natural for me to utilize them as material in some form of collaged artworks. The resulting large-scale tapestry-like accumulations became part of even larger room-sized installations.


As the work progressed, a distinct narrative began to reveal itself in installations that used business office items like clipboards, dry-erase boards, file cabinets, and desks. The check- mark connotes regulatory-like precision and are often displayed strewn from clipboards. The hook marks seem to convey a looser, equivocal nature and are usually splayed out of unkempt file cabinets.  


The latest iteration of this series is a performative piece using the materials to make an “office” where I enact repetitive and absurd actions related to work, boredom, and the madness of our social roles.